0 C.E – Amra leads his followers to freedom across the Sea of Scales into the remains of Arkhosia and thus beginning the rise of humans in the region and the founding of what will be known as the Empire of Nerath.

620 C.E.- Nerath is at the height of its power, and sages believe that this is the year that the mighty wizard Karavakos opened the rift to the Shadowfell opened, and hordes or skeletons, zombies, and demons flooded the land massing an abyssal legion that rivaled the great human empire of Nerath.

621-682 C.E. – These years were years of a war known as the War of a Thousand Corpses, and it was during this war that the Karavakos sent waves of enemies against the empire, until finally it was a shadow of its former self.
683 C.E. – Priests of Bahamut claim that around this time the Winter King dispatched legionnaires to eliminate the threat of the rift to the Shadowfell over a single long cold winter. The empire’s soldiers destroyed the remaining undead, sealed the opening, and built a keep to watch over the location that contained that threat. This site is known as the Keep on the Shadowfell.

1008 C.E.- This is the year of the event known in the Nentir Vale as the Bloodspear war. It was a year when a great horde of orcs led by the Bloodspear tribe descended into the vale to plunder and pillage. In truth, this was probably just one of the many ongoing wars that made up the War of the Thousand Corpses, but the people in the vale don’t tend to look at it this way, for they don’t wish to think their own gods might have sent the horde against them. In any event this war shattered the empire’s hold over the vale, and resulted in the people of the vale returning to more traditional ways that existed before they were part of the empire.

1030- present – The end of the War of Retribution marked the beginning of the years of Chaos as inhabitants of the once great empire strive to survive in a much more hostile and dangerous world.

1098 C.E.- The present year.


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