Valthrun the Prescient

Old sage of Winterhaven


Valthrun the Prescient is a spry old man who appears to be in his mid-80’s. He has a friendly, weathered face hidden behind a shock of unruly white hair and a bushy white beard. His eyes are clear and the color of an icy lake. Valthrun seems fond of flamboyant clothing spangled with mystic symbols.

The folk of Winterhaven think Valthrun to be half-mad, though they still respect and and revere him for his vast knowledge and his skills in the arcane arts. The old sage can often be found talking to himself in a dark corner of Wrafton’s Inn, or wandering the town and nearby farms doing small magics to entertain children or the occasional minor ritual to assist a Winterhavian. The sage is known to be part of Lord Padraig’s council, and is sometimes called to consult with the Lord of Winterhaven on various matters.

Valthrun is the third wizard of that name to hold the Crooked Tower, also known as Valthrun’s Tower. He has been master of the tower as long as anyone in Winterhaven can recall. It is rumored by some that Valthrun the Prescient may be the original Valthrun who built the tower in 210 NR, at the founding of Winterhaven as a rough settlement. Valthrun laughingly disputes the claims with a wink and an admonishment for the rumormongers to learn their proper history. He admits to being long-lived — due to a touch of the fey, he claims — and while his true age is unknown, he has often told stories of his personal experiences during the Bloodspear War 90 years ago.

He sells Rituals

Valthrun the Prescient

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