The Order of the White Raven

The Shadow Dreams

As the heroes attempt to rest between battles, the touch of the rift floods their dreams with progressively worse nightmares, weakening them day by day in the dark corridors of the Keep on the Shadowfell, pushing the boundaries of their sanity.

First extended rest

You wake up in a scream of terror, drenched in sweat. You have had dreams, bad dreams, nightmares of shadows and blood. You were walking in endless dark corridors,surrounded by whispering voices from the shadows beckoning you onwards.


Lost in darkness you finally came to an end of the labyrinth, a large empty room with a huge door at the other end. You could hear voices from the other side of the door. Some sounded familiar, beckoning you to open the door.


You walked into the room. It was raining, droplets falling from the shadows above, tears gathering on the dusty floor, forming pools of water pouring towards the door. Feeding it.


You looked at your hands and saw that they were covered in blood. It was blood dripping from the shadows. Blood soaking the slippery floor beneath your shoes, trailing towards the door. And the door answered. t


The door opened in silence. It opened into the shadows, like a pool of darkness staring at you. The voices grew louder in your head. “Feed us, feed us. Only your blood will quench our thirst”, they said, and you screamed in terror.

Sixth – Liam, Elif, Inna

Shadowy arms were reaching out toward you from the portal. You saw faces in the rift, faces of dead friends begging you to release them. Begging you to make the final sacrifice.

Seventh – Nari-Kai

You took your knofe and exposed your wrist to the door of shadows. " I do this for you", you cried but no tears came. The knife opened your wrist, blood trailing a river over the floor and into the shadows.


HexIron HexIron

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