Who will become the heroes of the land?

Rain on the way by derbz

The world is caught between the fall of one empire, and the rising of the next. Most of the world is monster-haunted wilderness. The centres of civilization are few and far between, and few difficult and dangerous roads tenuously link neighboring communities together, but if you stray from them you quickly find yourself immersed in goblin-infested forests, haunted barrowfields, desolate hills and marshes, and monster-hunted badlands. Anything could be waiting down that old overgrown dwarf-built road: a den of ogre marauders, a forgotten tower where a lamia awaits careless travellers, a troll’s cave, a lonely human village under the sway of a demonic cult, or a black wood where shadows and ghosts thirst for the blood of the living.

The Nentir Vale was founded by the Nerath Empire, whose waning power over the past century has left their citizens in outlying areas stranded to struggle along as best they can.

Our fledgling adventurers started their careers in the small town of Winterhaven, on the western edge of The Nentir Vale. The ruler of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig, was looking for someone to investigate the disturbing disappearances of his villagers and the growing threat within the Keep of the Shadowfell. So far the party has investigated the rumours, and found the culprits. They are currently engaged in destroying the cult of Orcus, for the lord of Undeath has set wheels in motion to take the lands as his own once more and turn the lands to eternal darkness.

Check out the wiki for information on our customized of the printed adventures for 4E, most of which will be tailored to fit a darker, more Orcus centric theme.

Major Orcus conversions thanks to Myrhdraak at the D&D community :http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19921178/H1-H3:_Demon_Prince_of_Undeath_Conversion

The Order of the White Raven

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